The excellence of smoked salmon, in fillet or sliced

From Norway or Scotland, Salmo solar farmed salmon is the tastiest and with the best smoking results that La Maison has selected.

Fresh and whole when they arrive in our French workshops, the salmon is filleted by hand with incredible mastery, salted with dry salt and then desalted before being smoked in beech wood from 6 to 8 hours, depending on customs and practices of old.

The process continues with the maturation phase, lasting between 2 and 5 days, which brings the refined and balanced flavors of our salmon as well as the good smoky, woody and slightly salty taste of its generous flesh.

Finally, the salmon is sliced ​​by hand. You will be won over by the sweetness and the fondant of this cut which will allow you to appreciate all the beautiful properties of the salmon.

To arouse the taste buds of great amateurs and reveal all the subtleties of its sweet and savory pairings, La Maison has developed three gourmet recipes for marinades: Dill, Beetroot and Mandarin.

Visit our Parisian boutique for a “tailor-made” cut of whole salmon fillets, exceptionally not sliced ​​in the workshop, and to discover our pretty fillets, taken from the fleshy part of the salmon and colored by their beetroot, Dill or Mandarin marinade.

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