The precious pearls for which La Maison is famous come from the roe of the largest freshwater fish: the sturgeon. Its black grains are carefully selected, shelled, salted and finally matured according to the recognized know-how of our caviar masters.

It is from a beautiful exclusive collaboration with the Hennequart family that the first Baeri sturgeon farm was born 20 years ago in Sologne (which produces the famous Imperial caviar of Sologne, flagship of La Maison). Concerned about the excellence of its products, La Maison wanted to control its entire production chain to offer fully French caviar. So, from the quality of the food and the environment for the fish to the conditioning of the precious black grain, every detail is under control.


In this quest for perfection, we offer, for the first time in December 2018, the Imperial Osetra caviar of Sologne, this time from the breeding of the Osetra Acipenser Gueldanstaedti sturgeon in Sologne.

The expectations of amateurs becoming ever more demanding, other varieties of caviar from the best farms and finest selections in the world are offered, from farms whose traceability is closely monitored by La Maison Nordique in order to present Caviars with exceptional properties, such as Shadi caviar or Beluga caviar .

Renowned for their incomparable quality, caviars have a firm grain, a slightly iodized taste and perfectly balanced curing.

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It is thanks to its caviar that La Maison owes its worldwide fame. Today it is part of the French and international gastronomic landscape with its products, acclaimed by the greatest Chefs in the world: Joël Robuchon, Guy Savoy, Georges Blanc, Éric Frechon, Nobu Matsuhisa, Christian Le Squer and many others…

The choice of caviar

Each caviar has its own characteristics. The size of its grain, its color, its roundness, its texture, its taste and its price are all criteria that make it possible to differentiate them and meet everyone's expectations.

Depending on the species of sturgeon, caviar develops unique traits that make each caviar box of La Maison Nordique unique.

Our experts use “tailor-made” selection criteria to meet the requirements of the finest palates and happily advise or show you the different caviars in the Boutique and Restaurant in Paris.

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Tasting caviar, quite an art

In a purely Nordic tradition, caviar is eaten with ease. In its box, on a bed of crushed ice then placed with a mother-of-pearl spoon (preferably) on the top of the hand, between your thumb and forefinger, you will appreciate and feel all the aromas that emerge.

We recommend a first raw tasting, without artifice, the caviar is sufficient on its own. In the mouth, it is the guarantee of an explosion of flavors that will make the experience a taste delight.

La Maison also encourages gastronomic experiences and the search for new flavors. Dare the most unexpected pairings and creations and reveal real culinary gems, with the surprise of finding that caviar goes wonderfully with many foods!

Delicious with shellfish, butter mash, an egg casserole or even a beef tartare and accompanied by a sweet white wine, brut Champagne or an iced vodka, it is incorporated and sublimates your plates in a deluge of perfectly balanced flavors.