Oils and vinegars

Oils and vinegars

Scented oils

Renowned for its important nutritional properties, La Maison Nordique oil gives you pleasant aromas and taste pleasures.

A dash of oil is enough to spice up your dishes based on pasta, rice or vegetables. It is just as suitable for the preparation of dressings as for the light cooking of fish, crustaceans or meats in a pan or oven.

Pulped and artisanal vinegars

La Maison Nordique vinegars have a special place on our plates. In dressage, seasoning or as a separate ingredient, depending on whether they are combined with fruit pulp or aged in French oak barrels for 18 months, they enhance and reveal powerful aromas on the palate.

The pulped range offers gourmet vinegars and goes perfectly with cold meats, pâtés and terrines. In addition, they are perfect for seasoning mixed salads, deglazing meats (veal, pork, chicken breast) or caramelizing sautéed vegetables and shrimps.

As for home-made vinegars, they are made in Languedoc according to the Orleans method and presented in a dark and elegant bottle. It goes well with fish and shellfish, or even meats such as duck.

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