Recipe soft-boiled eggs with Sologne Imperial Caviar La Maison Nordique.

For 1 person

Difficulty: Simple

Preparation time : 5 minutes




Preparation of the recipe

1 - In a pot of water, bring the water to a boil, then gently drop the eggs in with a spoon.

2 - Let the eggs cook for 4 minutes before removing them from the hot water.

3 - In the meantime, slice the bread in small pieces.

4 - Add clarified butter to your pan and toast the puffs.

5 - Once the eggs have cooled, place them in the egg cups.

6 - Gently break the top of the eggs to remove the top part of the egg.

7 - Finish your dressing by adding a few grains of Imperial Caviar of Sologne (30g) from La Maison Nordique on the egg yolk.

8 - Finally, arrange the bread stick on the plate and add a few sprigs of chives.

La Maison Nordique's advice: We recommend that you keep your tin of Caviar in the top of the refrigerator (not in the freezer!) until tasting, ideally at a temperature  between 0 and 2°C. An opened tin of caviar should be eaten immediately.

We wish you an excellent tasting !